Career Dream Day

Our school system in Cameroon does not adequately equip the learners with the skills and motivation necessary to integrate into active life after studies. What makes it worse is the fact that most learners don’t have intrinsic motivation to study and a personal dream to pursue. The high school dropout rates and joblessness are visible and loud evidences of the obsolete nature of our educational system.

It is on this premise that we feel that while waiting for the educational planners and curriculum developers to elaborate a program that is more relevant and which adapts to the reality of the modern era in which we live, HOPE FAMILY LIFE (HOFALIF), BUEA, through this program, CAREER DREAM DAY, seeks to raise awareness of career choice , the importance of skill acquisition, the need for a personal dream and stir in the young people the unquenchable drive to succeed in their academics and careers.

One of the main goals of this program is to encourage more young people to do technical and vocational education which until now in Cameroon has received very little attention from both the government and citizens. It is clear that the vision of Cameroon to become a middle income economy by 2035 will remain a political slogan if more investment is not done the domain of technical and vocational education.


  • Do career orientation
  • Share job opportunities
  • Share training opportunities
  • Share scholarship and fellowship opportunities
  • Do talent/skill identification and sponsorship

Community Outreach

We live in a world where the gap between the rich and the poor gets wider every day. While some few have enough, the majority of the people wallow in abject poverty and because of the scarcity of basic needs like water, food, healthcare and shelter, these poor people merely survive. It is therefore our desire by this program to share goodness and participate in community wellness and development.


  • Participate in community development
  • Carryout sensitization on different societal issues like HIV/Aids, sanitation etc
  • Provide good and safe drinking water

Hope Scholarship Scheme

The world we live in is full of paradoxes. There are many intelligent children from very poor families who may not achieve much in life and who may not pursue their academic and career dreams due to lack of money. Some of these children are orphans, street children, children of handicapped parents and from very remote villages where schooling is still at very low rate.

In the past years, we have seen these precious children smile over their new school bags, books, school shoes, tuition fees and much more. Some of these children had to start school more than one month into the school year because we identified them late but we are always marveled by the very good results many of the get. We think that with support from people like you we can expand this program and even put some of them on permanent scholarship.


  • Collects money, school bags, exercise books and other school needs for orphans and the needy
  • Provide partial and full scholarships to pupils and students
  • Rents rooms for needy students